17 October, 2013


Inkten and Clogtwo were invited to Atlanta, Georgia, USA, to paint a mural under the events of Heineken Mural Project on the 2 of October to the 9 of October 2013. We were more than honored to be part of this amazing project along with amazing artists such as Woes from Hawaii, Chor Boogie from San Francisco, Marka27 from New York and PaperFrank from Atlanta itself.
The theme for this mural project is Open Your World. Thus, Ink and Clog decided to share our culture and history to the other side of the world. We're opening up the existence of the Malay culture.

Shutter mural by Inkten and Clogtwo.
"Ink & Clog the Kaiju"
12' x 12'
spray paint on metal.
 photo inkandclogshutterlores_zps6e788916.jpg
 photo inkandclogshutteruslores_zps2fac35b5.jpg

Clogtwo's wall. From process to final.
"Hang Tuah"
30' x 33'
Spray paint on wall.
 photo WIP1lores_zps9cb5f4c8.jpg
 photo HangTuah2013landscapelores_zpse7580417.jpg
 photo HangTuah2013Portraitlores_zpse7a83806.jpg

Inkten's wall. From process to final.
"Putri Gunung Ledang"
18' x 33'
Spray paint and emulsion on wall.
 photo inktenwiplores_zpsc3ca7890.jpg
 photo inkten1lores_zpse159325b.jpg
 photo inkten3lores_zps831ce1a1.jpg

We would also liek to thank our great friends, Shan from ArtWhino, Nate Frost from ABVATL Gallery and the people of Heineken Mural Project.