Illustrator | Graffiti practitioner | Video Designer

Eman Jeman aka Clogtwo is a Singapore-based visual anarchist whose disciplines include being an accomplished graffiti artist and fine arts practitioner. Influenced by his parents, he explored his artistic abilities from an early age. With a multi-disciplinary approach, he creates works of art on various mediums from walls, canvases to customised vinyl toys with his unique vision. Inspired by his daily observations of society, the narratives in his work explores the elements of dark humour and social behaviour. Currently, he has set up his own studio together with partner in crime Ink where he is constantly creating new works to showcase around the world.

Creating visual interpretation of social behavior in society and problems through the inspirations of questions commonly asked or wandered, personally and generally as a human.

"Soon it shall pass." - Clogtwo
contact: clog02@electrocaine.com