10 September, 2013


Honored to be invited by fellow artist and friend, The YOK, for a group show in Singapore call KINGBROWN.
The show will be opened on the 26th of September at
Kult Gallery, Emily Hill Block C2-5,
11 Upper Wilkie Road, Singapore 228120

In this show, you will see great artist showcasing their styles and works based on a free theme on brown paper.
Here is the piece that I will be exhibiting during the show, an inspired piece by the 1940 animation by Disney's Pinocchio. With a slight dysfunction to it, here you see Uncle Geppetto in his workshop called Voodoo Shop. Basically, he's not only a craftsman or a puppeteer but also a voodoo witch doctor, putting curses on boys who took advantage of their precious lives. As you can see here, he's chiseling out a giant wooden skull. Wonder who is he putting a spell on?

"Voodoo Shop"
Black and white ink on 11" x 16" brown paper.

 photo Voodooshop_lores_zps6380816d.jpg