01 August, 2013


It was really exciting to work on this vinyl commissioned custom on 8" TeddyTrooper designed by The Flying Fortress. One down. Two more to go. Some hints: A Smokin' Labbit and an 8" Munny.

 photo BThelmetsonfront_lores_zpsab8c2250.jpg
 photo BThelmetsonback_lores_zps32be04d6.jpg
 photo BThelmetsofffront_lores_zps3b5328f9.jpg
 photo BThelmetsoffback_lores_zpsa053d546.jpg
 photo BTwithpackagefront_lores_zps3773cd0c.jpg
 photo BTwithpackageback_lores_zpsaff9ba8d.jpg

Here are some of the progress work back at the studio.
 photo 1_zps20b38ece.jpg
 photo 2_zpsc8707c3e.jpg
 photo 3_zps9308c9a6.jpg
 photo 4_zps8a5a9dce.jpg
 photo 5_zps4821e626.jpg
 photo inktenholding_zps3cf8e0aa.jpg