30 July, 2013


SOLIDARITY21 is a project initiated by RSCLS. And this year, we visited Manila, Philippines for 8 days.
We experiences a lot, culturally and artistically, from the ways of their lifestyle to their heritage.
Thanks to the boys of KST, SECRETFRESH and PSP for the great hospitality and organizing great painting gigs.

Here's a brief journal entry of our adventure.

A colossal piece done by RSCLS.
 photo 1017724_293562964121864_502433335_n_zpse2c48551.jpg

First piece at a local skate park along with other local writers and artists in Las Pinas, Philippines.
A collaboration with local writer, Graver - "Release the Beast"
2013 : Spray paint on 6m x 3m wall.
 photo 999511_289474204530740_672014287_n_zpscf38c348.jpg
 photo 1044090_289473707864123_688411780_n_zpsecc30a4a.jpg
 photo 262628_290419337769560_445392384_n_zps5fe2d43c.jpg

Roadtrip bombers along the journey to Baguio, A sweet spot of mountain tops and fresh air.
 photo 1044901_291047604373400_1868113270_n_zps0f6129b6.jpg
 photo 999380_290960991048728_124885532_n_zpscae7ef82.jpg
 photo 970801_290965851048242_1838595227_n_zps725a7ea8.jpg
 photo 993349_292144207597073_1881317036_n_zpsd36c6f7c.jpg
 photo 149300_291652537646240_1922875365_n_zpsb6e061e4.jpg

Homer found a second home in Marikina, Phillipines.
2013: Spray paint on 3m by 2m wall.
 photo 969545_290038497807644_1425778556_n_zpsdfa9f882.jpg

Spray paint on 1m x 1m plywood before the artist talk at SecretFresh at Ronac Arts Centre.
Bulot is a Filipino delicacy, consisting of an unborn chicken.
 photo 1075654_291268254351335_487933676_n_zps7c8a713c.jpg

"Bombers Ka Ba?"
2013: Spray paint on wood at The Circle Hammock Inn at La Union, Philippines. A great spray painting experience right after waking up in the morning in nature.
 photo 971711_292268510917976_1744769002_n_zps7dd84d0e.jpg

Last but not least, an unfinished collaboration with EggFiasco due to interruption from the local authorities.
 photo 1013999_292628874215273_2098255500_n_zps24991337.jpg