18 March, 2013


Two days of intense painting session with the RSCLS collective at The walls of Helutrans, 39 Keppel road, Tanjong Pagar District park (opposite the old KTM railway station). The theme for the event, 36 Chambers, was to recreate the samurai era in each individual crew strength, and RSCLS stir up a conceptual fusion of traditional japanese forms with the on going Hip-hop movement of today and came up with an gigantic 10m by 9m mural of massive surreal entity called The Parade of Hundred Demons. Featuring the collaboration works by ANTZ, ZERO, SPAZ, INKTEN and myself.

The Parade of Hundred Demons (2013)
Spray paint on 10m by 9m wall.
 photo P1010025_lores_zpsf20f272b.jpg

Day 1 - work in progress.
 photo P1010015_lores_zps5e6217a8.jpg

 photo 253643_560142800683355_813317664_n_zpsd975e0f1.jpg
 photo 208655_560142600683375_855866895_n_zps2b3ca09d.jpg

 photo 555133_560143044016664_1586620476_n_zps99a3a0e7.jpg
 photo 269351_560142444016724_996177502_n_zps8b95bc7d.jpg
 photo 599109_560142390683396_566681650_n_zps2c9f7ac0.jpg
 photo 580912_560143040683331_1047360737_n_zps13ecb975.jpg
 photo 208029_560142694016699_445241942_n_zps507d08dd.jpg
 photo 2516_560142454016723_179188890_n_zpsa63824e4.jpg

The RSCLS Collective.
 photo 487572_500112980024424_397396495_n_zpsc7b77ec5.jpg

The 36 Chambers graffiti walls will open on the 20th of March (Wednesday) 6.30pm at The Helutrans Gallery - 39 Keppel road, Tanjong Pagar District park (opposite the old KTM railway station). Along with other 8 local graffiti crews, Totem2 (USA) and other break dancing crews around the globe.
 photo The36Chambersposter_lores_zps7e2eaf93.jpg