21 March, 2013


Before the 36 Chambers slaughter mayhem at The Helutrans Gallery. The RSCLS collective is off masscring another wall over at the Substation, Armenian Street, beside the Paranakan Museum, Singapore, for The Rojak Renzvous event. We invited KA'a and Kongo from France to Singapore to give talks and workshops about the history and techniques used in street art.

Full production wall by The RSCLS Collective, KA'a and Kongo.
 photo 69877_500321890003533_1478291691_n_zpsc6f55036.jpg

TAPAU (2013)
by yours truly featuring ZERO.
Spray paint on 4m by 8m tall wall.
 photo 579170_559123097451992_1103687412_n_zpsf78922f5.jpg

Some work in progress shots by Neo of FUKUSURU
 photo 544607_559122030785432_1905960513_n_zpsc66fba79.jpg
 photo 531694_559122800785355_1139880401_n_zps13d0ee17.jpg
 photo 531485_559122047452097_918824065_n_zpsd88e13b5.jpg
 photo 72385_559122154118753_1877068475_n_zpsdd0c87ff.jpg
 photo 60395_559122080785427_718657973_n_zpsd50cfd97.jpg