10 October, 2011


The sound and visual of weekend moved faster than I was. It's hard to catch up and wish you can jump from one time zone to the other causing multiple wormhole paths. This week, it started off with THEM.SG X FELIX (Radikal Forze) - THE STREET DANCE HANDBOOK at The Wavehouse, Sentosa on a hot and sunny Saturday. A showcase of dance crews shaking it up on stage, showing off their endurance and passion towards the expression of movement. And I was invited by THEM.SG and FELIX to paint a photo backdrop. So I put on my beach wear, SPEEDOS swimming trunks, my trusted arm floats and a pair of googles. Let's go painting.

After Saturday, came Sunday. It was World's Animals Day at 313, Somerset. Myself and two other artists, Cheryl and Mahlstik, were invited to produce 6 artworks to raise funds for local animal organization.

(from left to right) Mahlstik, Cheryl and Clogtwo.

And last but not least, some digital glitches of you.