14 August, 2011


A three days (8, 9 and 10 of August) event at Grooove, The Cannery at Clark Quay. A festival of visual arts were collaborated between mentors and students from various schools around Singapore. It was a good turn out on the opening night, with friends, families and people from the media. I was thankful to be paired up with Samuel Low, also known as Mahlstik from Nanyang Polytechnic, majoring in 3D animation. We came up with three canvases that depicts the irony of coolness. Using elements of second hands goods or materials and still encouraging the public thinking that no matter which setting you put them in, for example Sungei Road (which is an open area where people sell off second hand products at cheaper prices) are still cool. Our concept basically revolves around the typeface of DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE. Which is to educate people to take your own route in life and not be one of the followers. In life, you need to think of what's next, not follow what other's think is next.

Below are pictures of CLOGTWO X MAHLSTIK space together with shoes designed by MAHLSTIK.

Individual pieces (from left to right):
CLOGTWO's Way Cool | Collaboration piece between CLOGTWO and MAHLSTIK - Don't Believe The Hype | MAHLSTIK's The Trend Issues

Here are a few flicks of other artists' works. Mind bending and blowing works by mentors and students. Mad respect to them.