14 August, 2011


Presenting 5 urban artists, ANTZ, ASNO, CLOGTWO, TRASE1 and ZERO. As they transform different rooms of the house into their own interpretation of graffiti art. The official show will be from the 12th to the 14th of August in conjunction with Y-Fest 2011 event. Like an IKEA show room, ANTZ got the chance to be an nterior designer for the kitchen, ASNO for the living room, CLOGTWO for the bedroom, TRASE1 for the study room and ZERO for the toilet.

Photo credit to YasinRahim a.k.a Mr36.
One of the best photographers I know. Thanks bro.

It was my first installation show for Esplanade, and I have trouble fabricating the boards and props. Thanks to all the artists for all the helping hand and guidance. Appreciate it. Give a graffiti artists tools to cut and assemble, you'll probably end up with cuts and bruises.

THE DEATH BED by Clogtwo (2011)
The Death Bed is an emotional driven concept from Clogtwo's deepest and darkest thoughts. Turning the bed room into a funeral death bed for graffiti. The whole installation concept derives from the issue of graffiti being taken for granted and turning into a state of commercialism or in layman's term, sell out, in Singapore. Ashamed by the thought that we call ourselves graffiti writers, but in reality fact we do not practice the roots or essence of writing, like taggings, bombings, throw-ups or getting-up. Using graffiti art as a form to generate one's income is fine to make a living. We do need to pay bills and put food on our table. But there must be a sense of balance, or else we do not fit the crown to call ourselves graffiti writers, instead we should label ourselves as mural artists. I still remember the yesteryears, when we used to fight for walls, bombs, destroy, exploring canals for space and steal spray can caps to get up in the streets, a sense of achievement at the end of the day, but now it seems so easy and effortless to be called a graffiti writer. Thus, here lies graffiti. It's dead here in Singapore and it will forever be in our hearts. Rest In Peace. CLOGTWO (2004 - 2011) Seven years of writing.

Details of the installation.

Night shots.

Kitchen by ANTZ (2011)

Study room by TRASE1 (2011)

Toilet by ZERO (2011) and Living room by Asno (2011)