27 June, 2011


"If only we could all escape from this house of incest, where we only love ourselves in the other, if only I could save you all from yourselves." - Anaïs Nin, House of Incest (1936)

28th June 2011 (Tuesday)
Free entry

obscene & surreal art (interpretations of Nin's erotica)
KILAS / Michy Witchy / Clogtwo / Tiffany Lovage / Leonard Wee / Pourquois / Kristal Melson / XOTL / Miranda Mori / Eeshaun / Genevieve Chua / Elix Arkan / Xin Jie / Lee Wen / Winnie Goh / Speak Cryptic / Holly Pereira

lo-fi music
Seyra / Hanging Up The Moon / Acid Reef

The night, was cold and soothing. The sound, was calm and peaceful. As I lay behind you, the warmness of our bodies touched, and my arms around your torso. As I left trails of gloss along your neck and shoulder blades, you closed your eyes and held my hands tight. Your heart beat races, you took a deep breathe and whispered, " Tease me".

Here's my take on the short excerpt from the erotic novel, HOUSE OF INCEST, Lina.
Paired up with the ever talented, Ms Tiffany Lovage. Watch as two different genders interpret words into two orgasmic visuals.

Ball point pens printed on 100cm x 70cm watercolor textured archival paper (framed)
with glow in the dark incense and holder case.

All images copyrighted (c) 2011 by Clogtwo.