25 June, 2011


On May 25th 2011, CLOGTWO, ANTZ, ZERO and The Killer Gerbil was involved in the Adidas All 24 event, which happened at the open grounds of *Scape. Street soccer and basket ball players, shoe designers, dancers and graffiti artists work around the clock to complete in how passionate and loyal they are towards what they do best.

Our Ride for the 24hours long event.

The blank virgin wall when we reach. All stoked and can't wait to paint.

The showcase wall: (from left to right) - CLOGTWO, ANTZ, KGB and ZERO.


Apart from the showcase that me, ANTZ, KGB and ZERO did, there was also a graffiti competition concurrently happening around the clock. Participants will compete and two will merge with the showcase artists to compete for first place. So managed to have CLOGTWO X KLAX and ANTZ X Slacsatu.

From left to right: CLOGTWO X KLAX vs ANTZ X SLACSATU

Amazing event as we shred the whole day and night event, painting and played a bit of sports. So here's a few flix I took during the event. You're born an original, don't die a copy.

All images are copyrighted (c) 2011 by Clogtwo.