09 February, 2011


Process Access: THE MAP MAKER for XIV exhibition curated by RCGNTN. Artwork that consist of reverting from traditional method to digital method and back to traditional medium as a concept of re-inovating the ever-changing truth that we are facing right now. Inspired by the studies of maps during the early years of National Geography in Secondary school and also not to forget the navigation exercise during my National Service years (always lost my way despite the compass and map). I was inspired to come up with an artwork entitled: THE MAP MAKER.

Mapping inspiration (1) – Europe navigation map study | Mapping inspiration (2) – Contour lines study.

Traditional tool | Materials – MICRON 0.05 ink + COPIC 0.03 ink + earthly tone 0.7 markers X water colors.

Water colors on 320GSM water color archival paper. Cosmic flows – For what is out of the norm represents the nature of alienated beings of unfounded world.

1032hrs: 14hrs process – Breakfast of Koko Krunch with a good neo morning cartoon show – Phineas and Ferb. This show is filled with nonsense and corruption for young kids these days but somehow the contraptions that they built are far more realistic and fun than what engineers are doing these days. Guess I’m basically living in a pseudo lifestyle.

Details of contour outlines of the Map-maker artwork. And my pet Bomb bird currently retired from the Angry Bird Regiment.

Source of inspirations and good reading from JUXTAPOZ.com

HP Deskjet F2400 series scanning device in progress – RGB 300 dpi (million of colors). Second phase of the editing process, graphic insertion and visual mapping. 80% completed. Final piece will be up on the actual exhibition date itself. Ain’t gonna reveal much of the artwork for now. Time to pack it up and send for printing to prepare for the third process – traditional method again.

All images copyrighted (c) 2010 by Clogtwo