01 February, 2011

It's not easy carrying a 30kg bag full of highly flammable aerosol paints on your back. Especially when you have to travel from the eastern side of Singapore to the other side of the island. Clogtwo was commissioned to go back in time in the early 1980's at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre to paint an abstract mural. Where public phones and old vending machines exist and bell bottoms were still in fashion.

Title: Sea of Signs
Description: Spray paint on 2m x 5m wall.
This piece was solely inspired from the love of cosmos and the mystery of the big bang. With astronomers constantly challenging themselves to solve the secrets of our universe and the unexplored life that it may hold. We are forced to live and adapt to the quantum physics theories of time and space. In our current situation of society, a nation will always fight for a better change and forward thinking, no matter if it's for the good or bad of the society. Thus, we are left with no choice but to abide to the government's decision and rules due to the voice of the majority.

Detailing and works in progress captured through the lens of Hazrin Ismail.

All images are copyrighted (c) 2010 by Clogtwo