23 August, 2010

On 21 August 2010, Saturday noon, 4 crews battled it out at the Marc Echo graffiti crew competition by The illers Cipher. Two of the crews who participated were ZincNite Crew (ZNC) and Phobia Klik (PHBKLK) from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The theme was Marc Ecko Timepiece. And the champion goes to PHBKLK. Congratulations PHBKLK!

The ZincNite Crew boys came up with a street party concept consisting of the 4 different elements of hiphop.
Participating members of ZNC are: Slacsatu, Clogtwo S13 and Sandman.

ZNC full piece
Underground Party
(7.5m X 2.3m)

Detailing (Clockwise from left to right):
Slacsatu's Marc Echo timepiece with cityscape background.
S13's Disc Jockey.
Clogtwo's Emcee.
Clogtwo X S13's B-boy.
Sandman's graffiti hand.

Phobiaklik where else came up with a more unique concept where Marc Echo's timepiece is being seen in the future of holograms and robotic technology. Participating artists from PHBKLK are: Budean, Katun and Kay.

PHBKLK full piece
Future Ecko
(7.5m X 2.3m)

Detailing (Clockwise from left to right):
Budean's 3D piece.
Kay's Holographic portrait.
Katun's female robot + Timepiece.
Katun's female robot (close up).

More photos from our ever trusted camera man, Syamim.

All images are copyrighted (c) 2010 Clogtwo.