23 November, 2009


ZincNite Crew is back on the Somerset Skatepark wall, featuring S13, Slacsatu, Clogtwo, SwazeOne (Australia), Sen, Sandman and Asno. It's been awhile since we did a full production and catching with old friends. This time, ZincNite Crew is bringing you a production entitled ASTRO. A graffiti mural that fuses with the awesome 3D animated movie, Astro Boy.
All photos are credited to Phadz (ZincNite Crew Photographer). He has done a great job documenting us during the whole process. Thanks man.

Full Mural. (larger version).

The day started off, well pretty much wet. It was raining t-rex and triceratops. We had to camp out and wait for the dinosaurs to cool down. So the boys had a nice sharing experience with Ian (SwazeOne) about his trip around the world in 8 months. He shared some pictures he took from Los Angeles, Japan, Barcelona, Berlin and France. After hours of chatting and looking through his black book filled with tags from graffiti artists world wide, the rain finally stopped and the great ball of fire was up and shinning again. And so it was time for 6 Singaporean and 1 Australian graffiti artists to give the Somerset Skatepark a face lift.

Clogtwo constructing the Red Core.

Slacsatu working on his futuristic cityscape.


S13 moving faster than the shutter speed. Working on his pastel piece.

And we kept on working and working, breaking our backs and cramping on our fingers to complete the mural. It was exhausting, some of us just sat on the wet concrete floor while rendering their pieces while SwazeOne took a nap on the ramp. But no matter how tiring and hungry we are, we strive to achieve the best quality in our production.

The Red Core (Clogtwo)

Sandman having a quick dinner, and Slacsatu accidentally stepped on his hard boiled egg.

Halfway through the production, Clogtwo was interviewed by some school students to find out more about graffiti arts and how the preparation work was done for their school project.

And we're back to the wall again, smelling the oh so sweet aerosol fumes. Slacsatu.

Some of the crowd admiring Sen and Sandman working on their pieces.

Sen working on his piece.

SwazeOne working on his Astro Boy.

That's all for now peeps.
Peace Out!