22 November, 2009

Judging Amy.

On November 21, 2009, a graffiti art competition entitled Your Life, Your Canvas, organized for aspired graffiti artists ages 23 and below, was held outside of National Youth Council to raise awareness about World AIDS Day, which will be celebrated on the 1st of December 2009. Clogtwo was invited alongside with Libre and 3 other party from Health Promotion Board to judge the artworks. I was amused and surprised of how talented these young graffiti artists are. Some of them are first timers using spray paints as a medium and the creative outcome of their pieces are satisfactory.

(Clogtwo + Libre).

(Briefing before the judging starts).

As for the judging criteria, we are to judge on their techniques, style, colour combination, composition, theme relation and relay of message towards AIDS day. Most of their works have negative approach towards AIDS, for example,"Stop AIDS", "Too Late, Regret" and "Don't Pick It Up". Which is very stereotyped and cliche.

(paying attention to details).

So I judged their artworks based on creativity, to observe if they can think out of the stereotyped society. Something that is more positive, something that can gain a certain impact towards the viewers. For example, humanity tends to separate and isolate people who are infected with AIDS, which is one sided, because not all of them got it from sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, some are infected due to birth. Which is sad, and they need our support and love. But above all, there are young hidden talents out there yet to be discovered and honestly speaking, from what I've seen today, the competitors have potential to become great graffiti artists if they are willing to practice and explore new styles.

(A view of the competitors' artworks).
All photos credit to Kwek Liza Farliza.

So here's a few photos of the competitors artworks. You'll be the judge now and tell me who will rise as the champion.
(Photos credit to Klaxon, ASW).