09 November, 2009



The Ultimate Breakfast

Mixed Media on 1m X 1m Chipboard

Clogtwo and Slacsatu from ZincNite Crew (Singapore) on our second roadshow live graffiti exhibition where the sun rises, Downtown East. Many of our supporters and close friends came down. Tiring as it is but it was all good, producing works for the public and showing how patriotic we were towards our country.

Lim Bo Seng In Operation Gustavus

Mixed Media on 1m X 1m Chipboard

Showcasing many of our different talents, from speed painting to fine arts. Many approached us if our paintings were up for sale, but unfortunately it's for an exhibition purposes. But not too worry people, Clogtwo and Slacsatu are able to recreate the painting on self stretched prime canvas for your collection.

Yusof Ishak

Spray paint on 1m X 1m Chipboard

I would also like to give my sincere gratitude to Mom and Dad, Imran, Musa, Mim Devas, Phadz, Moisk, Benjamin, Fag and many others whom I may missed out. Thank you guys for the support.

As for now, please enjoy the photos.