11 November, 2009

The 2+2 project is to promote a healthy diet by eating right like fruits and vegetables. Therefore, Ogilvy And Mathers has fused graffiti to this project to recreate a more hip and street approach for teenagers.

It's 11 November 2009, 2 in the morning. And thanks to Ben from Ogilvy And Mathers, I had the chance to take some snap shots of the visual being installed at Lucky Plaza bus stop. It was pretty awesome to see the visuals being put up together after long days of sleepless nights and caffeine addiction.

I had to cross over to the other side of the road to take this frontal shot with styrofoam brick on the roof of the bus stop. And a police car almost hit me.

A lot of blood and sweat is being drained out from this project as Clogtwo was cloned twice so that his mimic-self can be stationed at the top of the bus stop to pose as a graffiti artist, painting the mural on the bricks.

Close up of visual in the bus stop. Pretty cosy.

Back of bus stop.