11 November, 2014


The Ink&Clog takes a trip to Italy recently. Explores the streets of Milan, the canals of Venice and the Ruins of Rome. It was really an inspiring trip. And to end the trip, we painted with one of the most radioactive crew in Milan, The NuclearOne. Thanks to Marte, Joanna, Woit, Fosk and Mate for the session and hospitality. Will see you guys again really soon in Milan!

Check out our video documentation while we are in Italy. Ciao!

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 photo 1958235_521429314668560_4075713673011737029_n_zpseea35904.jpg

Some sketches I did as we tour around Milan, Rome and Venice.
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 photo 1609969_521886541289504_5365072244072919288_n_zpsaeec5c5a.jpg
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"God Of War"
Spray paint on concrete
With Inkten and The Nuclear1 Crew in Milano, Italy
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