02 June, 2014


Spray paint and emulsion on 4.5m x 8m wall.
11hours straight on.
Earn is a graffiti piece initially inspired from the movie Ernest Goes to Jail, and now translated into a digital illustration. Provoking the system that the local urban scene is able to go big rather than going home without a fight.
"If the universe thinks that you’re small, do something big" - Clogtwo.
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 photo Ernest_lores_FA_zps43063e81.jpg

 photo 11790037_13052494-mugs11_b_zps48ba07e1.jpg photo 11790039_14437464-bagtote16_l_zps9e3eb3bf.jpg photo 11790045_2755391-clkfkhw_b_zpsa9a96512.jpg photo 11790039_14437464-plwfr2_b_zps736f4fdb.jpg photo 11790047_4821203-cseipd_b_zpse4040201.jpg photo 11790094_6989842-caseiphone5_b_zpsfe080b6c.jpg