10 March, 2014


The Ink & Clog was invited to paint the facade of one of the shophouses down at 8 Ann Siang Hill for Syndicate X ObeySg event last Saturday. It was really an honored to be invited and leaving our artwork in the streets for both local and foreigners to enjoy it publicly. Here, we showcase a 16ft x 10ft spray paint, acrylic and emulsion paint of a Samsui woman. To celebrate the forefathers that had come down to Singapore to make a living.

by The Ink & Clog.
Spray paint, acrylic and emulsion on concrete.
 photo 1622832_603720953036535_1775943203_n_zps569df684.jpg

Close up of "Samsui"
 photo 1794613_603720973036533_439716446_n_zps65da9c38.jpg

Close up of Inkten's Hollowghost from the "Samsui" piece.
 photo 1962677_603337733074857_1022051082_n_zps3c0bec11.jpg