06 January, 2014


The Ink and Clog are in Osaka, Japan, for a graffiti jam with the local Osaka graffiti heads. Thanks to our Japanese friends, Akme, Gos and Fish for their hospitality and time to bring us around, and collaborating a great mural outside the CalmaArt graffiti shop in Uenoshiba. We are truly honored and greatful. Arigato my friends.

Full mural by Fish (JPN), Shorino (SGP), Clogtwo (SGP), Inkten (SGP), Akme (JPN), Gos (SGP) and Karasu (SGP).
 photo Osakagraffjam_stitched_lores_zpsa0080259.jpg

The Ink and Clog Daruma Dolls. After our few days of stay in Japan, we've discovered an in-depth history about the Daruma dolls, for what it's powers hold. It's ability to never fall and always keep fighting. This inspired piece symbolized the art of getting up in the graffiti world.
 photo TheInkandClogDarumadolls_OsakaJapan2013_lores_zpsf5a422b0.jpg

Clogtwo's Daruma doll.
 photo Clogtwodarumadoll_lores_zps578793b7.jpg

Inkten's Daruma doll.
 photo inktendarumadoll_lores_zpsa8a523dd.jpg

Tha front shot of CalmaArt in Uenosiba.
 photo calmaart_lores_zpse2bf7b57.jpg

Inkten in the stomach of the shop.
 photo inktenandcans_lores_zps3134fc81.jpg
 photo calmaart2_lores_zpsc89d98e9.jpg
 photo akme_lores_zps769b4fb3.jpg

Inkten, Akme and myself just chilling, literally it's winter season, during the session.
 photo akmeinkandclog_lores_zps9285015f.jpg

Homie Fish rocking it with Shorino.
 photo fish_lores_zps8d60f085.jpg
 photo inkten_lores_zpse6dbd9d1.jpg

Mr. Gos cooking up a traditional Japanese ornament.
 photo gos_lores_zpsa9d06248.jpg