11 November, 2013


After 9 hours of gruesome climbing up the ladder, the wall is finally complete. We present to you the Separation piece by Katun and Clogtwo at the back alley of Aliwal Arts Centre, 28 Aliwal Street. Do come down and check it out.

Our greatest gratitude goes to those who came down to show their love and support for the streets. And special thanks to our partners: The Ink & Clog Studio, RSCLS, ZNC, The Blackbook Studio, DSTRY Clothing, Vandalheart Clothing, CMNS Clothing and District shop Gallery.

They share the same land, water and roots. After years of planning and numerous false hopes of collaborating, finally, these two primates are going ape on a wall for the first time in Singapore. Catch Katun (Malaysia) and Clogtwo (Singapore) as they scale the concrete jungle with their character-based graffiti tactics.

Katun x Clogtwo
Spray paint on 9m by 3m wall
 photo Separationcombinedlorescopy_zpsf4d62595.jpg
 photo Separation1_lores_zps825461e9.jpg
 photo Separation3lores_zps98ac6110.jpg
 photo Separation2_lores_zpsb5bafd99.jpg

Close up of Clogtwo's and Katun's piece. The idea of this battle was to define each individual styles due to some fact on the streets that both of us have similar styles when viewed separately. Now the lines have been clearly cut through the middle, and their styles have been separated.
 photo Separationkatunlores_zps20b79417.jpg photo Separationcloglores_zps680553f4.jpg