04 September, 2013


Before we inherit Earth, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Ancient men, or better known as Martians, are organic metal beings due to the harsh atmosphere on the red planet. These semi-evolve primates are known to be intergalactic travelers, colonizing planets throughout the solar system, searching for suitable and sustainable planet to create life. And finally, they decided to call Earth their new home. But before they could ground it, Venusians were also on the move, conquering planets, and Earth was their battlefield for over millions of years. Destroying millions of single cell organisms, plants, dinosaurs, mammals and apes afraid that they might evolve into a more superior species that some day may over thrown them from crowning the planet. But today, humans have fabricated many theories about the evolution of mankind, and neglected the truth about our origins.

Epoxy putty, spray paint, decals and acrylic on vinyl platform.
Phobos and Deimos are the second hybrids from the throne of Mars. These twin brothers fought in many planetary wars like in Pluto and Saturn. They were also the guardians of the twin moons in Mars.

 photo TheMarsBrothers_front_lores_zps66d23924.jpg
 photo TheMarsBrothers_side_lores_zpsdcb66ddf.jpg
 photo TheMarsBrothers_back_lores_zpscfac5e7c.jpg