07 August, 2013


Another custom piece on Kozik's Smokin' Labbit by KidRobot.
Really pleased to be working on this vinyl platform. The anatomy of the rabbit figure was perfect and the cigarette was a bonus to work on.
Here's "Clog the Labbit" a commissioned custom for Mr. Paulus from Jakarta, Indonesia. Thank you so much for the opportunity. He's waiting for you to adopt him home now.

"Clog the Labbit"
Mixed media on vinyl.
 photo front_lores_zps3a9352fd.jpg
 photo left_lores_2_zpse3547f53.jpg
 photo left_lores_zps45bd3cb8.jpg
 photo back_lores_zps657087ec.jpg
 photo top_lores_zps2a569b2a.jpg
 photo right_lores_3_zps24dc438a.jpg
 photo right_lores_zps9503464b.jpg
 photo right_lores2_zps6e5e55bd.jpg