14 June, 2013


"The Four Gates" is a collaboration effort between brand, DSTRY and artist, Clogtwo.
The idea of the collaboration is to go deep into the theory of some believers that there are seven humans that look exactly alike, scattered all over this world. And as we know it, the world is made up of the four magnetic poles, North, South, East and West. And in chinese mythological, they believe that these four directions are controlled by the Gods - The Turtle, The Phoenix, The Dragon and The Tiger respectively.
Thus, this artwork that revolves around the concept of the four direction or gates, and the questioning of each individual have 6 more identical features around the world, makes me wonder if there are any possibility that perhaps we are actually in an alternate dimension of space, but living at the same time.
Coming soon: The Four Gates.
A collaboration artwork by DSTRY and Clogtwo