04 June, 2013


Was invited by Singapore Zoological Gardens, along with three other talented visual artists, Skl0, The Killer Gerbil and MindFlyer. We weren't given the opportunity to raise awareness for our furry friends.

 photo P1010009_lores_zps96b96b3d.jpg
Spray paint on 3m by 2m plywood for The Singapore Night Safari Zoo for their awareness campaign, Seen&Herd. I was invited and given the opportunity to raise awareness to the great Indian Rhino, which have hunted down for their ivory. This piece depicts a giant 8bit game cartridge. And as a child in our 90s, we are always hooked on to our gaming system, and unable to save our game play at the last surviing stage, always devastate us, like theres tomorrow, like as if it was dooms day. Thus, in pachological term, a child EQ is at its greatest at feeling emotional pain and destress, hence, saving from the game (illlegal pouching) represents the saving of our wildlife.

 photo P1010001_lores_zpsb0e161f0.jpg
 photo P1010002_lores_zps20e8e091.jpg
 photo P1010003_lores_zps7440e981.jpg
 photo P1010004_lores_zps969a6326.jpg