07 May, 2013


Hi all,

First of all I would like to say thank you to those who came down to the show to give support and love for my art. The show wouldn't be possible without you guys. The show is a representation of the silent voices of the people, interpret into visuals. Hence, it's not my own show. It's ours. Thank you.

Special thanks to the people of MightyJaxx and PlasticFoundry, JacksonAw, Ella, Daniel Yu and Gilbert. The RSCLS collective, Antz, Zero, Inkten, Spaz, Sklo, Neo and Syamim for helping with the set up together with Aydil, Musa, Razak and Kelvin. Thank you guys.

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Machine mouth is a metaphoric name derived from the scientific underground experiment. Engineered by a group of scientists in search of the GOD Particle - a singular particle that will prove the theory of the Big Bang; the birth of our universe. The process of obtaining this unstable atom requires the splitting of molecules, and in the event it reacts with other matter, it will create a catastrophic explosion on earth, imploding the whole universe into a black hole, resulting in a whole new galaxy. This scientific experiment of mankind acting as God, recreating life out of curiosity has it’s limits from where man and God stand.
In this new body of works, Clogtwo explores the mechanical system through social and life experiences based on the country’s “good” intention. Showcasing the disturbed mind of suppressed thoughts into visual mayhem.

For more works and purchase please visit MACHINEMOUTH webstore.
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Operation MachineMouth.
Ink and Clog.
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Canvas paintings and other original works for The MachineMouth show are also available in the MACHINEMOUTH webstore.

MachineMouth Art book
368 pages of detail black and white drawings of Clogtwo for the past five years. Perfect binding with hardcover with gold hot stamping. The book comes with a 2" resin Skuhl (not to be sold separately)
USD 100
(note: the 7.8" by 6.2" Giant life size Skuhl is an individual collectable art figure at USD 240 - limited quantity left)
 photo 255733_578407712190197_1151214301_n_zpsed568a30.jpg

Spray paint and acrylic on 48" x 108" canvas
USD 2,400
 photo GoldRush_lores_zpsc4f1b149.jpg

Spray paint and acrylic on 72" x 48" canvas
USD 2100
 photo Leftover_lowres_zpsb557c07d.jpg

"Daylight Robbery"
Spray paint and acrylic on 15" x 36" canvas
USD 565
 photo DaylightRobbery_lowres_zps8c80c6b3.jpg

"Human Resource" SOLD
Spray paint and acrylic on 15" x 36" canvas
USD 565
 photo HumanResource_lowres_zps303416ba.jpg

Spray paint and acrylic on 15" x 36" canvas
USD 565
 photo surveillance_lowres_zpsb53434a9.jpg

Spray paint and acrylic on 15.7" x 31.4" canvas
USD 400
 photo Sonarplex_lowres_zps63a013dc.jpg

"Flight in Motion"
Spray paint and acrylic on 15.7" x 31.4" canvas
USD 400
 photo FlightinMotion_lowres_zps03808ae6.jpg

"Who made us #1"
Spray paint and acrylic on 36" x 18" canvas
USD 725
 photo WhoMadeUs_1_lowres_zpsedbc45d3.jpg

"Who made us #2"
Spray paint and acrylic on 36" x 11.8" canvas
USD 645
 photo WhoMadeUs_2_lowres_zps0cffaece.jpg

"Bite the hand that feeds"
Spray paint and acrylic on 78" x 30" skateboard
USD 480
 photo BiteTheHandThatFeeds_lowres_zps70e8380a.jpg

"Psuedo Culture" SOLD
Spray paint and acrylic on 33" x 2.3" wooden baseball bat
USD 450
 photo PsuedoCulture_lowres_zps6d5fa93e.jpg

"Camo Troops" SOLD
Spray paint on 3" x 3" resin
USD 75
 photo Stormtroopers_lowres_zps7418e765.jpg
Photo courtesy of Shukri Samsuri of ProjectPixel, Sulhan of Nookmag and Neo of Fukusuru.
© copyrighted 2013 by clogtwo