23 January, 2013


8bits and monotones invaded my space of thinking, hence I had an idea to custom on a few vintage Nintendo 8bit Gameboys. Thanks to Suhardi and Benson for the awesome donation, and making this project turn to life.

BMO, an artificial intelligent bot from the cartoon series, Adventure Time. Was the initial idea to compliment his life buddy, MO-Death, a circuit board being, that awaits BMO's last breath. Sculpted using epoxy putty and model spray paints for finishing.

USD350 (each).
 photo Bmoxmodeath_zpse82593ac.jpg

 photo beemo_3_lowres_zps1820f4db.jpg
 photo Beemo_1_lowres_zpsc9af91e7.jpg
 photo Beemo_2_lowres_zpsd936a15f.jpg

 photo Mo-death_2_lowres_zps9a9c944e.jpg
 photo Mo-Death_1_lowres_zps53b2018a.jpg
 photo Modeath_back_lores_zpsd49211fc.jpg

The operating table at the studio.
 photo P1010095_lowres_zps45eb5190.jpg
 photo P1010092_lowres_zps3d72ffef.jpg
 photo P1010090_lowres_zps806b3803.jpg
 photo P1010096_lowres_zps32936a84.jpg
 photo P1010097_lowres_zpsb63d1c84.jpg
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 photo P1010102_lowres_zpsce414179.jpg
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