09 April, 2012


A conceptual video done for Zac's wedding. That explores the difference between the ceremony of marriage and the event itself. The video is rendered in reverse but in real time. Showcasing the bands, people and celebration at an event, getting together, exchanging conversation and catching up with old friends and families. As it reaches the end, the video subtlety changes it's course, showing the significant part of the marriage, two individuals tying the knot, without reversing it's natural flow during the event, meaning, the video is edited from the moment they sign the marriage certificate to presenting the gifts to the bride, and finally kissing the husband's hand as a form of respect.

The rational behind this short film is to question the reason and purpose of an event versus the important aspect of the newly weds?

Directed and edited by Eman Raharno.
Shot by Hazrin Ismail and Wan Karasu.