12 March, 2012


RSCLS is once again invited to do a custom toy. This time round its an Optimus Prime for the upcoming show,Cybertron Convention at Resort World Sentosa on the 11 to 14 March 2012.

Here's Clogtwo's custom of Optimus Prime, The Primus-One. A medic organic robot among the infantry cyber robotic warfare. Parts from the DMK-1 Optimus Prime, Neo Zeon Mobile Suit Gundam and Ashely Wood's World War Robot. White spray paint for base, On The Run Ink for black, and dry brushing for texture and battle damage. Ink transfers for decal detailing. Full battle order packs from Ashely Wood's World War Robot. Diorama made from 30in wood base decorated with dry grass and bushes to recreate miniature environment.


Below are some work in progress shots I've taken during the process of 3 weeks.