27 January, 2012


The Singapore Show: FutureProof at SAM@8Q (Singapore Arts Museum) 13 January to 21 April 2012.
Since the birth of contemporary practice in Singapore, signalled by the formation of The Artists Village, 5th Passage and the landmark exhibition, Trimurti, artists here have been exploring various genres of creative work - from sculpture and paintings to performance art, site-specific installations to graphic design and interactive media.

The Singapore Show: Future Proof presents artworks from young artists whose innovative and unique practices have generated attention and accolades in various art circles. Their artistic ventures take place from streets to galleries; their concerns local to geopolitical; their material both found and acquired. With strong, consistent and resilient presence in the local as well as international contemporary art scenes, these motivated youth have enlivened Singapore's art landscape and can be considered to be amongst those to look out for today.


Sookoon Ang
Angela Chong
Genevieve Chua
Chun Kaifeng
Clog 2
Gerald Leow
Charles Lim
Lynn Lu
Mojoko + Eric Foenander
Dawn Ng
Francis Ng
Donna Ong
Ruben Pang
:phunk studio & Keiichi Tanaami
Rizman Putra
Bruce Quek
Shah Rizzal
Speak Cryptic
Grace Tan & Randy Chan
Melissa Tan
Vertical Submarine
Andree Weschler
Joel Yuen
Robert Zhao

Mahogany wood stain, 2k Gold paint and acrylic on 2.4m x 3.6m marine treated plywood.
2 artworks commissioned by The Singapore Arts Museum.
Date of completion: 8 January 2012

The Asunder - The beginning of time.
"From the sun and it's morning brightness. By the moon as she follows him. By the day which reveals it's splendors, by the heaven and it's construction. Successful is the one who keeps it pure, and ruined is the one who corrupts it".

The Asunder - The ending of time.
"As when the heaven is clearly cleft asunder upon us. And when the stars in the darkest night has fallen and scattered. When the oceans and seas are burst forth. Graves of the dead are turned upside down. Out of good deeds and bad".

Work in progress photos.

Photos during the opening night on the 13th of January 2012.