21 December, 2011


It's the annual asia graffiti competition again, with 9 asian countries flying down to Taiwan to battle each other out to determine who's King of Asia. The countries involves this year are, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand and Japan.

It's 13 degrees in Taiwan, the wind is cold and harsh, tearing every bit of skin the human body has. Making sure that suffering is only temporary. I teleported in Taiwan alone on the 16th of December at 11 pm at night, meeting the rest of the ZNC members, Slac and Asno over at the hotel in abit as they flew off first in the afternoon. As I lit the last Singapore duty paid cigarette, my hands starts to shiver uncontrollably and my mind froze as the almost sub-zero rain drops hit my face. A few minutes later, the organizers from Wall Lords arrive at the airport, picking me up like a most wanted criminal as my face was covered with facial hair and my eyes half open due to lack of sleep on the plane because of the torture device they call seats, which have agronomics designs that are bad for the human backbone posture.

The graffiti competition took 8 hours in the outdoor climate, as three warm blooded Singaporeans battling within themselves to survive the weather and at the same time punching the wall with their left hand, putting in hundred and twenty percent effort in their mural, for the first time wanting to make their country proud even if their country's authorities doesn't think that they could. They had something the authorities don't, pride and patriotism.

ABS CREW (China) - 1st

ZNC (Singapore) - 2nd

DTP (Taiwan) - 3rd

AOS (Korea)

FTC (The Philippines)

PHBKLK (Malaysia)

GIK CREW (Japan)

MASE CREW (Indonesia)

BAI CREW (Thailand)

And so, we took 2nd place. China emerge champion of 2011 Wall Lords and 3rd goes to Taiwan. My trip to Taiwan was not only for the experience or learning more about their culture and opening up. But to be in control of my self being, being able to see clearly what's the relationship between our people and our country. A self reflection and analysis of social behaviour. A research away from home. And this is what I have concluded from my findings:

"Graffiti writers are a bunch of rebel and vandals that terrorize the street and makes the citizen pay tax to clean up the mess that they've made. They are nuisance in our society. It's who they are. You can't stop them from separating them from their own natural behavior or habitat. If the society doesn't want to change their point of view that these writers are actual creative people that practice beautiful mural paintings, then why should they change. If they are given a district or a street where they can paint freely, such vandalism can be minimise. A place where they belong. A place where our local writers can actually bring foreign graffiti writers to a place of "Hall of Fame" in Singapore, and making it into a landmark, a name for Singapore to be a spot of tourism. We need to see the big picture, we need to give and take. Not keep take from us and as result owing us." - Clogtwo.