14 November, 2011


REBEL Club decided to expand their network and rule the night life of Clark Quay with their new rebellious outlet called REBEL 'HOOD. Commissioned by Lifebrandz, two artists were invited to paint a mural for the upcoming joint. As the renovation was on going inside, two artists collaborated at the exterior of the hood. The collaboration was between Inkten Sufina and Clogtwo, a graphic designer/illustrator and graffiti writer/illustrator, respectively. As they emerge their differences in style to come up with a newly form of artform, Inkten and Clogtwo formulate a style that depicts the style of raw and grungy to compliment the destructive power of Rebellion and the social disfunction in our society.

We were lucky that night that we had AfiqOmar photo-documenting us as we work
through the wee hours of the busy night to finish up the commissioned mural.

Spray-paint and emulsion paint on 20m by 3m plywood. Inspired by the CMYK colour scheme.
(From left to right): Cyan by InktenXClogtwo. Magenta by Clogtwo. Yellow by InktenXClogtwo. Black by Clogtwo.

Our greatest gratitude to ZQ Loh, Louisa and Max Chen for their time and taking snapshots of us painting the whole mural that night.