08 November, 2011


So here' what happened in November, I've been neglecting graffiti art for awhile now, been busy submerging myself with commissioned jobs. So as impromptu as it is, that Saturday night, I've decided to paint along side with Singapore's finest, Slacsatu of ZincNiteCrew. Been it a great night hanging out with them ol' peeps. And also not to forget Sandman, turning a year old that night. Happy birthday man! And without further a due, me and Slacsatu painted a mural title: Slice and Dice. (Left to right: Clogtwo X Slacsatu).

Some photos of that night with the amazing Bob and how the interior of the studio looks like. Makes want to get my own working studio, probably next year. Yeah, fu*k it, I think i should. Well, it rained that night after we completed the mural, so we had to stay indoor and chill out for a bit, a game of cards and movies to call the night.

Photos courtesy of Hazrin of FUKUSURU. Thank you man for these awesome individual shots of us (Slacsatu, Clogtwo and Syamim) posing like gangsters.