31 August, 2011

Hello all. Meet SHEEP. He's a 19 years old talent graffiti writer from China. And knowing China after visiting it's country in late 2010, these bunch of
Chinese are talented I must say after their government have eradicated Facebook or any social media from their society. This proves that they are trained creatively in any medium that they chose.
For example, Mr. Ai Wei Wei. I was honoured to meet Sheep on the day of the Esplanade's Installation art pieces that me, Antz, Trase1, Asno and Zero did.
Following week, we managed to crash the skatepark for a graffiti jam with him and two other Spanish writers, called Extralargos.
Like they say, all good things must come to an end. So we did a bit of blackbook session and exchange drawings for each other,
to remind ourselves the great people we meet and the memories that we hold when we die. It's a life long journal.