01 June, 2011


CLOGTWO got the opportunity to do a packaging design for REBEL, featuring remixes from the most respected Deejays in Asia, DJ Tang and DJ Rattle. The album was conceptualized based on the interior graffiti murals of the club, and was brought alive outside of it's cage and on the cover, compact disc, booklet and inlet of the album. For those who doesn't like crowded places, now you can enjoy the orgasmic visual from inside the rebellion HQ.

About the club interior graffiti mural: REBEL club was bombard from top to bottom with tags, throw-ups and characters by the infamous RSCLS collective that consists of ANTZ, ZERO and CLOGTWO. Hence fore, CLOGTWO was briefed to import elements from the club into the album, thus, remixing and calibrating different styles from individual artists and translate them into his own style to represent RSCLS as a whole unit.

Thanks to Warner Music Singapore for the opportunity. Fai Rizal for sharing marketing strategy and methods. And VectorScum for guiding me through the design mechanics. Get a copy of the album and drop by REBEL club, The Cannery and get the REBEL DJs to autograph it, I'm getting mine signed definitely!

Now that you've seen the final artwork, check out how it was made.
Layout of the album design + REBEL DJs and Hype-man.

Here's a look through of how the album was made and the process it went through to reach the final product. From initial sketches and ideas to choosing of pantone colors and laying them out to be printed. It may be a long and tedious process, but I guess it was worth while.

1) Some briefs and copies all over the place. I hate words.
2) A few primary brain storming sketches for the album cover.
3) Compositing and layout of the album design.

Sticky notes, original pencil sketch and line work.

The album didn't just stop there with one color way, there was so much more to it, we had to go through a few color ways before we can pick on one that we're really satisfied with. Line work illustrations of the REBEL DJs, DJ Rattle, DJ Tang, DJ Will and hype-man EJ, before they are digitally colored.

All images are copyright (c) 2011 by Clogtwo.