20 May, 2011

A conceptual approach to deconstructing existing situations and an interest in the conditions and effects of a medium. The brand honors the immense artistic potential of the region presenting artists whose works will be exhibited and concentrate on two defined groups : conceptual and contemporary. A social art gathering that emphasize on cross-disciplinary thinking where attendees could be juxtaposed and invited to interact, bringing forth contradictions, gaps, unclarity overlaps and affinities. With this, STATEMENT would love to explore various individual tactics with bite size showcases.

The Klapsons Boutique Hotel, Fabrika And Statement Present


Alvin Tan | Zaki Razak | Upstairs | Keep It Like A Secret | Jason Tong | Skope | Djulian Chng | Speak Cryptic | Clogtwo | Tiga Collective | Gene Sha Rudyn

Performance by Gene Sha Rudyn | Music by Konstrakt Kollektive. | This launch is supported by OBEY.

OPENING: 19th May 2011,Thursday
The Klapsons Boutique Hotel, Fabrika 15 Hoe Chiang Road, Singapore, Singapore 089316
15 Hoe Chiang Road, Singapore, Singapore 089316
7pm - 11pm
Exhibition will be from 19th May 2011 - 26th May 2011


So here's Clogtwo's take on the Modern 11 show - The Life Lesson series.

Clogtwo has been involved in numerous illustration works. But this time, he decides to take change as a chance to showcase more on his concepts and ideology of Singapore forgotten lifestyle, culture and religion. He believes that Singaporean youths have lost all pride and honor in regardless of their race, culture or religion. Thus, the two artworks that he has worked with for almost a week, hope to bring the realization of Singaporeans where they belong and why they should be ashamed of themselves. If my words aren't strong enough, then he guessed the best way to educate the public is by showing them their own reflection in the mirror, and then they will deeply see who ugly one self is.

Work In Progress (1) - Sketches and Digital processing of Calligraphy + Clogtwo's studio work place.

Work In Progress (2) - Graphic Calligraphy then brought over to printer for plot cutting on frosted PVC decal and delicately laid out on 70cm x 70cm mirror (black framed). With the usage of liquid soap, newspaper and squeegee.

Work In Progress (3) - After the decal has been set out for a good 1 hour to dry. It's time to painstakingly cut out the details of design and cleaning off the edges of the mirror for a tip top high gloss clean finish.

Work In Progress (4) - And Last but not least, signing off the 2 artworks. A limited 1/1 edition measuring 70cm x 70cm selling at SGD500 each.

The two artworks on 70cm x 70cm mirror black framed with hand sketched font printed on frosted PVC decal.
REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE, AND WHAT YOU ARE NOT (left) - Reflects the religion and culture that you come from, and don't be succumb to western cultures, for you have your own unique culture and religious backgrounds to be proud of.
ORIGINAL SELF (right) - With the influence of technology and the digital world, we have lost all respect for our own self. We are all plastic behind masks. Facebook and twitter gave us the freedom to speak and act how we feel, but when it comes to reality, we are cowards, we do not there to speak our minds. And the only time we dare to be ourselves is when we look ourselves in the mirror alone, that's where your true self lies. Dead in the mirror disappointed in you.

Another shot of the ORIGINAL SELF artwork with reflection of HDB flats, and a few close ups of the artworks.

To whom it may concern, hope it doesn't reflect you. Be original.
Both artworks marked 8 May 2011, Sunday.

All images and artworks are copyrighted (c) 2011 by clogtwo.