03 March, 2011


Clogtwo merges with the infamous REBEL club to produce a comic based illustration poster for the upcoming UK Vinyl maestro, Shortee Blitz. Here's a short history of the dude: Been Djing since the 1990 as an illegal house party DJ, as part of a sound system. But when things got abit out of hand, he made the transition to rocking clubs. Around the same time he went on to DJ for London MC, Ty.
Clogtwo was briefed and inspired from the evolution from a rebel to a visionary. And due to the fact that he's born in Europe and the level of graffiti/street art culture is over-powering the nature of their society, Clogtwo decided to merge the elements of graffiti + comic illustration to symbolically tease the crowd of how a DJ spins through the halftone prints of life.

And here's the process stages of how the illustration was created.
Hand-drawn sketch and inking of DJ portrait and backdrop.

Scanned and digitally traced with Illustrator CS5 (wiremesh and coloured version). Background placement and colouring.
Final adjustment on the colour coding and composition of text,logos and subliminal messages.

Final artwork of DJ SHORTEE BLITZ poster. 26 March 2011, Saturday at REBEL club.

All images are copyrighted (c) 2011 by Clogtwo