23 March, 2011


On March 11, 2011. A blanket of disaster struck the land of the rising sun. Many footages and photographs were captured and aired, broadcasting all over the world. And the only thing we could do is sit comfortably at home, watching, as their shelters over their heads get drifted by the tsunami. Many lives are lost, and many are unknown of their whereabouts. After visiting Japan in late 2010, somehow I grew a connection for their culture and people, and to that extend their unfortunate predicament has brought up personal questions upon myself. Questions like shelter? lost ones? Food? Water? All over the world, prayers are made, but personally I don't think it's strong enough, we need to be physically with them, feel what they are experiencing right now. And so I've starve myself to be spiritually and physically with them, and therefore, it gave me the mentality and inspiration to come up with an artwork, solely a tribute to the lost and forgotten of Japan. Be Strong Nippon.

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From left to right: The Crane, The Company and The Endurance.

Details of artwork.

P/S: A country under natural disaster is trying hard to grab on to hope, and needed support from others,
yet another country send their soldiers to war. Let it rest for a change.

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