24 January, 2011

Heal The Earth is an event organized by GreenTree Packaging Pte Ltd, to educate the public about the harmful products that can deplete the earth's ozone layer and putting our home planet in danger for the human generation. On Saturday, 23rd February, Clogtwo was invited to do a graffiti showcase for the event, titled "Eko", a piece that depicts that earth is a breathing organism and is constantly growing and destroying as a process to replenish the planet. But earthlings are also part of the destroying factor, with their usage of CFCs materials, polystyrene products and pollution to cater to their living benefits.

Day of the event with the main stage and completed piece.
Title: Eko
Description: Spray paint and chalk on 2.5m x 2.5m wood panel.

Details of chalk and spray paint.

Below are some shots of the process stages and the actual event day at the Marina Barrage. The place was packed with kids and kites, and at night the kites lighted up like UFOs and shooting stars. Even though it was a great paranormal sight of pseudo alien activities, it was a dread to head home at the end of the day from the remotely located Marina Barrage. (photos credit: Hazrin Ismail).

Kids + Kites

Day 1 process

Day 2 - Event day

All images are copyrighted (c) by Clogtwo.