13 January, 2011


Premier Launch of The Rabbits Limited Edition Collection by PROPERTY When Maestros Play : Collaborative with Singaporean Artists at ZIRCA's Shape Shifters on the 28 and 29 of January 2011. PROPERTY celebrates the impending Rabbit Year with some of the best of the local creative scene, in a one-off toy customisation collaborative project. When Maestros Play, the Limited Edition Collection invites seven well-known artists to add their flair in bringing to life one of PROPERTY’s out-of-production toys, The Rabbit. The hugely talented local artists including Eeshaun, Sheryo, Killer Gerbil, MR.B, Clogtwo, Vectorscum and Jeth will add their distinct style and touch to transform the Rabbits into their very own creations. Sale of the Rabbits will be available after the event through PROPERTY’s blog site at www.theproperty.tumblr.com.

Completed date: 13 January 2011
Description: Glow decal and matte spray paint on 60cm(H) X 35cm(W) custom figure.
Price: $888


The year 2011 marks the year of the metal rabbit, the forth animal to finish the mythological Chinese calendar race. Many Singaporeans are superstitious towards the zodiac horoscope views and it’s yearly fortune prediction set from the minds and mouths of the horrific horoscope psychic writers, that have consumed many undeveloped minds of Singaporeans. What seems to be written without case studies are much trusted these days than the importance of life experience itself. Perhaps mankind needs to stop this behavior of falling into peer pressure/superstitious traditions and set your own course in life. Sometimes you need to stand in the dark in order to see the light. Sometimes you need to observe, that good things do glow in the dark.


This conceptual custom toy, collaboration between CLOGTWO! and PROPERTY, is to study the complexity behavior of the human mentality towards the downfall of peer pressure and superstitious traditions. At times, we need to think logically and set aside emotions to avoid any misconceptions from the horoscope writers implanting nonsensical ideas into our minds. This is the 21st century, we have evolved, so why are we still naïve? The reason for using the a glowing decal as a choice of material and fusing it with the studies of anatomy (nervous system layout + major organs), is to signify that no matter how detailed and complex things get, some things are just obvious.

Process stages through out the 3 nights of production (total of approximately 30hrs)

All images copyrighted (c) 2010 Clogtwo