21 December, 2010

Equality One
What may take years to cultivate, maybe destroyed in seconds.
What destroys you now, will cultivate you further.

I may never be there every time, every day, every second nor every moment of your life. But I will go against all odds to break every single fiber in my bones, tear every strands of my muscles, paralyze every nerve in my hands and sweat every drop of blood in my vessels. I will not stop nor will i ever surrender. This will never be over until I say it's over. This is not power over freedom or egoistic persona, this is pride, this is what we're lack off, this is what Singapore has left behind, this is Quality over Quantity.


Graffiti art may seem like just writing your name on the wall, it may seem like a form of true expression on a massive scale of proportion. It may seem right to go against every law and regulation. Since there are no rules or gratitude towards the sweat and blood in other's. Then this will be an opportunity to submerge you in this white wall. And this will be a moral where three little pigs go down the gullet of the wolf.

I Will Submerge You In This White Wall
15m x 2m mural at Somerset Skatepark
3 days


All images are copyrighted (c) 2010 Clogtwo