29 November, 2010

Back to Nostalgia is an exhibition presented by LEFTFOOT and SCYA (Singapore Contemporary Young Artists) and supported by Singtel. The exhibition was held at the Grand Cathay, LEFTFOOT outlet on 27 November 2010.

Thank you to all SCYA and LEFTFOOT members for giving us a space to showcase and lending us a helping hand to set up our works for the past few days before the show. (Poster designed by Clogtwo).

Here's my share of the show entitled - The Gunsmith.
10 x (23cm by 23cm) watercolour on paper.
01 x (32.5cm by 58.5cm) watercolour on paper.

Here are some flicks from the rest of the show. Artists are Trase-1, Dyn, Tay Kai Yee and Malvina.

All images are copyrighted (c) 2010 by Clogtwo.