21 November, 2010

Under the Radar is back again to cover The Blank Canvas 2, organised by The Cathay. A graffiti competition where blood gushes and bruises are made, as 10 graffiti writers battled it out to emerge champion.Clogtwo and Antz were invited to judge and showcase during the event, and to go along with the program theme - Halloween, both writers dressed up in their best costume they could find on that day. Clogtwo as the holy nun and Antz as the China construction worker. Personally, I had fun and trouble at the same time climbing up the chair with a skirt. Damn you long skirt. Congrats to all the writers, win or lose, you guys are a bunch of great local talents!
Peace out - CLOGTWO!

Here are some photos took by Under The Radar's photographer - Syamim.

All images and video are copyrighted (c) 2010 by Clogtwo