29 October, 2010

Under The Radar presents a new motion Graphics by Eman for Singapore's very own REBEL Club at The Cannery, for their annual Halloween Party.
Illustrated, motion graphic and sound designed by Eman.

So you've been sent to the moon on a mission to salvage REBEL BC, the crashed shuttle that carried a contagious R-Virus meant to be disposed in space. Be on your guard as this trip is everything but painless. The scientists have unleashed hell on the moon and the blood thirsty infected spaceman zombies are hot on your heels, silently waiting for the moment to devour every piece of flesh left on this land... All forms of resistance will be futile, for the unrestrained beings do not need to see or smell to sense the presence of the living. Now let the final barrier against the inevitable collapse and say your last prayer before you become one of them.