16 October, 2010

Clogtwo's past flyer for an event night at ZIRCA, called SPREADLOVE featuring Singapore top DMC DJs, Rattle and Tang, and accompanied by EJ, the hype man for the night. Join SPREADLOVE at ZIRCA for tune of old skool West Coast music and ol loving pimping.

Clogtwo illustrated two parts for this September flyer. The idea behind the artworks is to portray the vibe and feel of Miami and West Coast culture as briefed by the marketing department, Rattle, Tang and EJ. The flyers are printed on a 320GSM art card with Matte lamination and orange peel for a gloss effect.

Poster design for SPREADLOVE, displayed outside ZIRCA.

All illustrations and designs are copyrighted (c) 2010 by Clogtwo