12 September, 2010


On September 04, 2010, marks the date of the NIXON ART MOSH at Sinema Old School, Mt Sophia, curated by the amazing Mojoko and his family of KULT3D. Clogtwo and a huge number of artists were invited to exhibit their artworks for that night. The abandoned space was amazingly transformed into an art exhibition with high ceilings, cold beers and out of this world installations, art pieces and music. After the event, the artists' works will be displayed at Tang's Nixon outlet for sale. Be sure to visit Tang's Nixon store, if you've missed the Nixon Art Mosh at Sinema Old School. It's worth the visit to take a look at the artworks up front.

Event poster and Liza Farliza holding up the shimmering helium balloons at the entrance of the event.

Clogtwo's The Social artwork was displayed alongside with other amazing artists, from photography to digital to traditional to experimental. (Visit the SHOP to purchase limited edition prints, acrylic paintings or hand-crafted good).

Size: 59.4cm X 84.1cm (A1 size)
Year: 2010
Price: SGD 350
Medium: Print on Canvas
Description: We feel safe and secure in our own comfort zone and
watching others walking among danger and insecurity,
but in the process condemning us as a social hypocrite.

You gotta love standing in front of light box.

Here are some flicks I've taken from the NIXON ART MOSH exhibition. Met up with great artists, had fun chatting and being inspired by the artworks that they've created. Enjoy now.

What's an art exhibition without taggings when a few graffiti writers get together.

All images are copyrighted (c) 2010 Clogtwo.