08 August, 2010

Iluma National Day Project: 45
In celebration of our nation's 45th birthday. Iluma and Planet Ad Creative Agency have invited 45
visual artists to design a canvas in a shape of a peacock which represents Loud and Proud as a Singaporean.
Art work will be displayed till end of August, do drop by Iluma at level 2 and give some love by voting the art work.

Title: AS ONE
Dimension: 1.5m x 1m foam board
Medium: Acrylic and swinger mechanism

Description: Red dot has developed so much from World War II to the Japanese Occupation to the Independence of Singapore. Our beloved country has turn 45 this year, but what made us today is actually a greater reflection of the past. We progress as we learn from our mistakes, change it and strive for the better as one people, one nation, one Singapore. Histories will show a direction of the future, but only the present man can build its course to where he may wants to go. This artwork elaborates the past, present and future of Singapore, iconic figures like General Yamashita, Japanese troops invading Singapore by bicycles, Lt Adnan Saidi, President Yusof Ishak and the Old Supreme Court, are significant figures that shaped Singapore, for what it is today, a peaceful cosmopolitan country.


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